FAC Thermal Oil / Hot Water Pumps

Technical Data :

Maximum Capacity : 500M3/Hr

Maximum Delivery head : 160 Mtrs

Maximum operating temperature :350 Deg.C

Maximum operating pressure : 16 bar

Maximum Speed : 3500 RPM

Field of application :

FAC Series of centrifugal pump has been specifically designed for circulating thermal oils / Hot water at elevated temperatures without the need of expensive mechanical seals and auxiliary cooling arrangements.

Design Features:

  • Designed to 24256 / ISO 2858 /ISO 5199
  • No external cooling required ensuring environmentally friendly use of resources.
  • Excellent price to performance ratio.
  • High efficient radial multi vanue closed type impeller
  • Excellent efficiency, Low NPSH
  • Sturdy mechanical design
  • Back pull out design ensures quick and easy maintenance
  • Safety packing to eliminate contamination entering the bearing
  • Long life carbon plain bearing on pump end lubricated by the pumped liquid and Radial ball bearing at Drive end grease lubricated for life .
  • Large mechanical seal reservoir ensure adequate lubrication to the mechanical seal.
  • Shaft sealing by Standard balanced or unbalanced Mechanical seal.

Material of Constructions:

  • Volute casing : Nodular Cast iron EN-GJS-400-18LT
  • Casing cover : Nodular Cast iron EN-GJS-400-18LT
  • Bearing housing : Nodular Cast iron EN-GJS-400-18LT
  • Shaft : Chrome steel 1.4021